Eat well effortlessly, deprivation not included.

I'm Laila.

I’m a Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach. And for the past 3 years, I’ve worked at WIC (a supplementary nutrition program) counseling moms on nutrition and breastfeeding… and seeing lots of cute babies! Working there helped me realize that I lavv the feeling of helping someone reach their goals. It brings me a joy that’s difficult to replicate. So naturally, I dove into the world of health coaching to hone my craft and become better at facilitating change. I know (from experience) how hard it can be to change for the better, even though you know you should.


To me, a coach is not someone who sees everything that’s wrong with you, proceeds to make you feel like garbage, and tells you what to do and doesn’t give a crap whether that’s actually what you want to do. 

A coach is there to guide you and reassure you. To capitalize on your strengths, and instead of harping on your past, help you to learn from it and move forward more enlightened


What’s your story?

So, I have a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I graduated from my program with honors, and could tell you all about the digestive system and all of its wonders. But if you asked me how to break my bingeing habit for good… I got nothing. In school, I learned so much about food science (there was so much science), and about how integral food is to our health and our body’s most basic functions. That stuff, I had down. 

What I didn’t learn in school was how to change my habits, and create new ones. 

  • It was my habit of eating out almost every day that led to me gaining over 20 pounds after starting my new job (as a nutrition counselor! facepalm*). 

  • It was my binge, feel bad, deprive myself cycle (read: habit) that made me feel like I’m just destined to be overweight forever. 

  • I would start cooking healthy dinners every night, but then what happens when I’ve had a long day and I’m too friggin tired to cook tonight? 

I had all this knowledge about food and nutrition, and I was still failing.   

Healthy people are the living, breathing manifestations of their healthy habits.
— Laila Abdul-Mani

I needed a proven strategy that would take all that information, and bring it to life. The missing link, as you’ve likely guessed, was habit change. Knowing how to create healthy habits that stick, and stop the habits that don’t contribute to my goals. You likely already know what you need to do to get fitter, healthier, have more energy, and be the healthy, vibrant person you know you can be. 

The knowledge is there. The inspiration is there. It’s about actually putting it into action.

I had a breaking point back in 2016 when I reached my highest weight ever: 199 pounds. I saw that number, and I was like, oh hell no this scale will not go to 200. And it didn’t. I’ve lost over 20 pounds since then, built a stronger body by lifting weights, and I haven’t binged in over a year. Most of all, my mindset about my body & food has shifted to match my general positive attitude about life. 

What is this place?

I like to think of this website as a conglomeration of ideas that I have picked up in my 25 years of life. In the past few years specifically, I have soaked up every bit of information I could find about habit change, goal setting, and general strategies for success. Some I learned from my health coaching cert, some from insights I’ve had at WIC, some from books, courses, podcasts, you name it. (When I tell you I was on an inspiration kick last year, I am not kidding.) Here is where I’m releasing all of it. 

Laila from 2 years ago could’ve seriously benefited from Laila from the future’s website. 

So this website is for you. So you don’t have to stay where you are with your weight if you’re unhappy there. So you don’t have to search for straightforward solutions to your biggest challenges, and be overwhelmed with dubious internet dieting advice. It’s also a place for us to connect, so if you want some extra help getting to your specific health goals, I’m here for you.

I am not perfect, and I still have health goals that I’m working towards. The strategies and solutions I share are evidence based, so they’re tried and true. And they have not only helped me in the past, but they continue to help me now. And if I’m able to give you one bit of information that can get you even the smallest win, I’ll be so excited. My work is meant to inspire you, yes. But most importantly, it is designed to get you to take action. Because knowledge and inspiration without action, is useless. Inspired action is the goal.


Welcome. I’m so happy you’re here.


10 Random Things About You. Go!

  1. I’m Muslim! But I guess that’s quite obvious. 

  2. I believe the world needs more understanding and empathy. 

  3. I also believe that I should “be the change [I] wish to see in the world”. (any other Prison Break fans?)

  4. I love to learn, but I’m not a fan of school. 

  5. I went to Italy and had pizza from world famous pizzerias…and NY pizza is still better.

  6. I’m a cat person. Dogs are cute too, but from afar.

  7. I’ve probably watched ‘The Office’ 3 times over by now. 

  8. My favorite comfort food is beans and franks. It reminds of my childhood.

  9. M’baku is officially my favorite character in Black Panther. Are you done?

  10. Almost. I loveeee food. Okay, I’m done. 

Cool. What should I do now?

If you’re up for it, start my 7 Day Challenge! It’s designed to change the way you think about food and yourself. It’s a great first step to getting out of that ‘I’m dieting’ mindset.

You’ll also get emails from me designed to get you to take inspired action, and build habits to get you to your goals. Whatever they may be. Even if you’ve tried so many times before. 

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P.S. (Do people quote themselves? Is that a thing?)